Your Cat’s Stay


At Templepan cattery we want your cat to enjoy his/her feed times, so we are happy to feed as they are fed at home. Fussy appetites are also catered for. Any other special feeding requirements we are happy to provide, please discuss this with us when making your booking, as the happiness of your cat’s are our priority.

Boarding conditions

As a safeguard for your cat, we will only board ‘fully inoculated cat’s’ with a up to date vaccination certificate against flu, & feline enteritis. This will be required each time your cat holiday’s with us. We would also ask that your cat’s flea & worm treatments be up-to-date on arrival.

Should your cat fall ill, we reserve the right to take it to your own vet if possible, if not to a vet of our choice, with costs pending to yourself.

Cats boarded at your own risk.

We do not board any cats on medication


We are happy to provide a grooming service as long as the cat is happy about it. To assist us at time of booking, we would prefer if you provided the cat’s own grooming equiptment.

Photo credit: Andrew Crowley
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